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The 1:6 scale closet, full of shoes made by Teri of Paperwhite Dolls.  Roombox by Butterfly_House.

Looks like the girls are getting ready to go out!  Roombox by Butterfly_House.

Alisha and Alina are porcelain Paperwhite Dolls. 

Ceridwen is a Limhwa Leda.  Jewelry by Tiny Jewels Shop (me).


This is really cool to see! What do you use the microbeads for?

Piercings for example :3 or earstuds.

Ohhhh good idea!


Пластиковая мастер-модель для литья в ПУ, 38 см, 2 типажа внешности. (by Oh my dolls)


I took some comparison shots for someone on DoA, and figured, why not, might as well upload it here too. Maybe someone will find it useful. Natural light, no blitz.

1: Elfdoll Real Skin (unknown, though I think it’s from one of the last releases)

2: Dollpamm Camel (2014)

3: Kinoko Juice Normal (unknown)

4: Fairyland Normal (2014)

5: Doll Chateau Normal pink (2013)

6: Luts real skin brown (2012)

7: Volks Pureskin normal (2010)

8: Fairyland Tan (2013)

9: Souldoll Sandy Brown (2013)

10: Jpopdolls Light tan (2014)

11: Unoa Fresh skin (2014)

12: Leekeworld Purerose (2012)

13: Doll in Mind (2014)

14: Simply Divine Venetian luna sunrise (2013)

15: Bo Bergemann Pink sugar (2013)

16: Pipos normal (2014)

17: Jpopdolls Sunkissed (2014)

18: Granado dolls New normal (2013)

19: Another Secret normal (2012)

20: Iplehouse normal (2013)

21: Lillycat Cerisedolls caramel (2014)

22: Leekeworld normal (2012)

(via malaryush-dolls)


Crimson is a Bimong Shahti.  She is a resin 1/6 doll (roughly in scale with a ChicLine), currently carried exclusively by Jigamaree:
Bimong is the sculptor of the more-popular Narin and Narae dolls, which have been carried by various vendors over the years.  Shahti, for whatever reason, is an undiscovered gem — she’s gorgeous, poseable, and can wear 16” fashion-doll clothing and shoes, which means that she’s a lot of fun to glam up.
More photos of Crimson, and her sister, Cerise, here:

Glam up is righ! She looks right out of a fashion magaize.  Awesome!

I think you mean 1/4 scale!  She is very pretty.


Withdoll LE Elf Hunter Emma & Ruby

If anyone is hoping for a re-release of these girls, be sure to write about it to Withdoll on their Q&A board (or contact them on Facebook or Twitter). That way they’ll know that there is demand for them. ^^

Accessories for my Paperwhite Dolls.  Shoes and clothing by Teri of Paperwhite Dolls.  Jewelry by Tiny Jewels Shop (me).

Alisha and Alina are both Paperwhite Dolls. 

Alisha and Alina are porcelain Paperwhite Dolls.