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Full customization project for a friend.

[Doll Chateau Stacia]




I’m very picky about the dolls I BUY but I love to SEE a lot of different kinds and what their owners do with them. I think it keeps the hobby diverse and much more friendly when we can appreciate something we wouldn’t necessarily like for ourselves. I think if you just focus so closely on only the type you like best, you miss some interesting and creative things.

Image by BJDConfessions

This!!! There are so many dolls I love, but I love seeing what people do with them rather than own them myself. There’s a lot of dolls that just would not work in my crew or with my aesthetic but they’re some of my favourite to find photos of.

So true!

Yes! I learned this at my first bjd meetup and thats one of the reasons I keep hosting them

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Popovy Sisters Blue Jay by caracal0407 on Flickr.

Etiude’s new dress by AyuAna on Flickr.

WIP gown for Twigling doll.

Ceridwen is a Limhwa Leda.  Jewelry by Tiny Jewels Shop (me).  Listing here.

Honey wild by 2Dperson on Flickr.

Ceridwen is a Limhwa Leda


~.~.~ by .daria. [the haunted dollhouse] on Flickr.


- Siren - Lotus Limited(60sets)

- Siren - Lotus Limited(60sets)
*It takes 80~100 workings days to produce event order.^^.

Lotus/Chris/Celia/Sibyl have different face moulde, Lotus, Chris, Celia & Sibyl have different fish part set.

Release Date: April 1st, 2014

Event period(2014/04/01~~2014/04/30)
1.Purchase 2 Sirens(Witch included) get ONE Piggy-fish or ONE Shell Base.
2.Purchase 2 Mice(Clara&Domimi) get ONE Piggy-fish or ONE Shell Base.
3.Purchase 3 Centaurs/Unicorn get ONE Piggy-fish or ONE.

Siren - Lotus Limited include:
Siren - Lotus head x 1, human ears x  1 pair(same resin as upper  part body), fish ear Type E x 1 pair,  Random fish ear x 1 pair(transparent ), Siren body(bust M) x 1,  human hands x 1 pair,  Siren hands x 1 pair, horns x 1 pair(transparent), bra x 1(transparent),  wings x 1 pair(transparent). ventral fin x 1 pair(transparent), tail fin x 1 pair(same color as fish part). Lotus default set: ventral fin Type C + tail fin Type C + wing Type C

Fishtail part resin: same resin color as upper part body/transparent. (Due to its special process, the transparent resin parts may content air bubbles. Please do not purchase it if not accpet)


fish part & bra color modulation: $20
(Type A:  red/Type B: blue/Type C: purple) (*only apply to transparent resin)
(after color modulation, bra & fish part become semi-transparent, tail fin become gradient color)
(*Due to its special process, the gradient color will different in each one,Please do not purchase it if not accpet)
wings & ventral fin color modulation: $20
(*only apply to transparent resin)(*only apply to customer who choose fish part & bra color modulation)
(*Due to its special process, the gradient color will different in each one,Please do not purchase it if not accpet)

make-up(human ears included): $50, (with face painting $60)(Type A: Lotous/ Type B: Chris/ Type C: Celia/Type D:Sibyl)
body blushing(default & random fish ears included):$80(Type red/Type blue/Type purple) 
*color modulation fish part should chose the same color system painting(e.g. Red color modulation fish part should (upper body resin color/transparent color fish part can choose all 3 types painting, but please note the actual color may very different from our official display pictures.)
wig: $20 WG4-0006
eyes: $12 P-0019(12mm)
ears(transparent): Type B/C/D $10, + painting $4
shell base: $90(only for customer who purchase siren. Regular price $100)
shell base painting: $40
add one piece of shell: $12
artificial crystal ball:$6
additional human body(3 parts type): $207(only for customer who purchase siren. Regular price $230) 
additional human body painting: $30
1/4 girl bust part: bust S/L (couldn’t attached with wings, bra) 
Piggy-fish: $108(only for customer who purchase siren. Regular price $120) 

*Doll measurements*

Height:                           47cm 
Head:                            18cm
Neck circumference:    7cm
Shoulder width:            9cm
Bust Circumference: M:19cm (S:16cm, L:20.5cm)

*The color in the picture could be slightly different from real color depending on monitor or PC setting.

*The doll picture is sample only. The actual make-up/body blushing might be different on the color and brush touch.