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Some of the dolls and wares on display at the 2014 KBJD Show.

Iris size makes a big difference in how realistic and mature a doll looks.  I prefer small irises on realistic dolls.  I like big irises on fantasy, cute, or child dolls.   You may have to click on these pictures to see the difference. 

Left column: 10mm oval glass realistic Glib eyes (iris 5mm)

Right column: 12mm resin Enchanted Doll eyes (iris 7mm)

Olivia is an Elfdoll Rainydoll Hazy.  Hiresha (currently in borrowed wig and blank) is an Elfdoll RainyDoll Rita head on a modded Twigling Ingenue Body. 

Recent jewelry creations for Tiny Jewels Shop and my personal collection.  I can create custom jewelry for any size of doll.  Visit my shop to arrange a commission!  


Aion Assassin by Amadiz on Flickr.

Workspace picture :3 
Watercolor pencils - Albrecht Dürer, Faber Castell, some Caran d’Ache.
Brushes - 1 make-up brush, rest are just regular brushes.
Pastels - Schmincke all the way. Can’t work with others :|
Small fabric towels.
Paper towels.
Sanding sponges (100 - 800)
Eyes - Acrylic and glass, different sizes (from ebay and taobao mostly)
More brushes…
Mako eye boxes :D
Pan pastel tin and Schmincke black and white. AND other 10: toothbrushes (for cleaning and freckles)
Kneaded erasers, pencil sharpeners, tweezers and an exacto knife.
Stuff to work on xD
Rubbing alcohol, acetone free nail polish remover, flocking powders, q-tips.
Lot of random stuff - shimmer powder, micro beads, jump rings…
Pipettes, more shimmer powder, elmers glue (water based glue) and some more (old) pastels at the bottom of that box.
Lashes - mostly from taobao, some from souldoll.
Sealants - Purity Seal and MSC.
Acrylics and gloss - Acrylics from Games Workshop, Gloss from Tamiya.
More q-tips, and even more brushes.
Water and magic erasers.
Gloves and a daylight lamp - another one is on the other desk (top left).
Hope I covered everything xD

This is really cool to see!  What do you use the microbeads for?

Prince at the watering place by Salvarion

A few shots of the displays set up by me, Tiny Jewels Shop, and my partner, Butterfly House Decor at CCBJD! 

Introducing…Makeda!  Makeda is an Agent Provocateur Voyages Fashion Royalty Doll (what a mouthful!).  I restyled her hair into this elegant halo using pipe cleaners, hot water, and a LOT of time, almost 12 hours!

Apparently she is an older Fashion Royalty doll and therefore may have brittle plastic, but she seems very sturdy to me.  I love her high fashion look and look forward to using her as a model for Tiny Jewels Shop!

Introducing…Raquelle!  Raquelle is from the Barbie, Life in the Dreamhouse line and she is so photogenic it’s ridiculous.  What a charmer!


someday, maybe by Fear-Me-December